The Snuggle is Real.

With the cooler weather here, well sometimes, it is Canada after all, we start mornings with sweater weather and afternoons with shorts weather but hey it's better than rain all the time Great with an up do or when you want your hair down, this quick accessory is small enough to keep in your bag so it's always close by, after all it's  Canada the weather is so unpredictable.

 The crazy knitter wearing a black handknit ribbed headband.

.To stay comfortable and cozy when you get home  there are chunky double strands hand knitted slippers to keep you cushy on the couch while reading your latest book by your favourite author (mine is AK Mulford) or binge watching your favourite series (I am on a Bridgerton kick again).


Well stacked slippers

So let the Crazy Knitter be your one stop shop to knit up warm and soft pieces for you to stay warm wherever you may be.

Crazy Kmitter wearing gray slippers

Have a great rest of the week.

Yours in warmth Chantal 😜🧶

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